The Floating Roastery

Coffee infused with a sense of adventure and nostalgia only time on the water can bring.


We value the authenticity and hard work that comes with living a Nautical lifestyle. This is why we use an off-grid system that allows us to chart our course and roast coffee wherever the wind blows.

Air Roasted

Using a Sivetz fluid bed roaster, our coffee beans levitate over a freshly blown in bed of air straight off the lake.

The air is heated to cook the beans to the desired roast level. That’s right, roasted by nature.

About the Caption

Meet Jeremy, the caption and visionary behind Nautical Coffee, whose lifelong connection to the water has shaped his passion for this venture

The Voyageur

From his early days spent on the water to a transformative voyageur canoe expedition in 2005, Jeremy's journey has connected him further to his Métis heritage and its profound ties to the wilderness.

The Roaster

Coffee played a pivotal role during Jeremy's adventures on the water, inspiring him to create a whole new coffee experience: roasting coffee on his boat.

In 2021, he skillfully installed his first roaster, drawing on his expertise as an HVAC mechanic and his extensive knowledge of navigating the waters to ensure its success.

The Blend

Today, Jeremy leads the entire operation of Nautical Coffee from his boat, meticulously roasting small batches of coffee and packaging them fresh for local cafes, stores, and fellow boaters.

During the sun-kissed summer months, you'll find him at the bustling farmers' market, or on his boat sharing his passion with those seeking a taste of adventure.