The Captain

Meet Jeremy, the captain behind Nautical Coffee, whose lifelong connection with the water has shaped his passion for this venture.

From his early days spent on the water to a transformative voyageur canoe expedition in 2005, Jeremy's journey has connected him further to his Metis heritage and its profound ties to the Canadian wilderness.

Coffee played a pivotal role during Jeremy's adventures on the water, inspiring him to create a whole new coffee experience: roasting coffee on his boat.

In 2021, he skillfully installed his first roaster, drawing on his expertise as an HVAC mechanic and his extensive knowledge of navigating the waters to ensure its success.

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Today, Jeremy leads the entire operation of Nautical Coffee from his boat, meticulously roasting small batches of coffee and packaging them fresh for local cafes, stores, and fellow boaters.

During the sun-kissed summer months, you'll find him at the bustling farmers' market, seasonal marinas, and gift shops, sharing his passion with those seeking a taste of adventure.

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Nautical Coffee is more than just a coffee brand

It's an ode to lake life that evokes the nostalgia of cottage culture every time they take a sip.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we celebrate the harmonious blend of exceptional coffee, the spirit of the water, and the joy of embracing the tranquility and adventure that define Nautical Coffee.

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